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Analysis of Washington State's earthquake vulnerability for the next 50 years

A 9.7-magnitude earthquake is 200 years overdue in Washington State, according to current studies. According to experts, this earthquake near the Cascadia subduction zone will happen sometime in the next 50 years. A 100 foot tall wave is also anticipated to be produced by this earthquake. The residents of Washington State are in grave risk because it hasn't recently experienced an earthquake or tsunami of this size. This study's objective is to determine which areas are the most unsafe for travel so that travelers may make appropriate preparations.

The greatest shaking intensity that has a good possibility of occurring in the next 50 years is depicted on the map. The intensity of the shaking may increase depending on how far away you are from the fault along which the earthquake happens. The majority of Washington's identified active faults are located nearby major cities. Rock and soil types have an impact on ground trembling intensity. Hard rocks shake less violently than soft materials, which are typically found near bodies of water and regions that were once covered by glaciers (such as the Puget Sound region).

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