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What would happen if Western Washington was hit by the "big one"

Earthquake Seattle Washington The Big One

In a new model, scientists are projecting what might happen if a tsunami struck Western Washington.

The simulator depicts what would occur if "the big one," or an earthquake measuring 9.0 on the Richter scale, struck the Cascadia subduction zone.

According to the analysis, the earthquake would cause a tsunami that could flood much of Puget Sound's shorelines with several feet of seawater and inundate coastal areas.

The study was carried out by geologists from the DNR to assist in creating preparation and reaction strategies for those who live in populated regions.

The previous Cascadia rupture occurred 321 years ago, and researchers currently predict that there is a 10–17 percent possibility that another earthquake will occur within the next 50 years.

According to scientists, Whidbey Island would be hit by tsunami waves within 1.5 hours of the earthquake, and it would take 2-4 hours for the waves to reach deeper portions of Puget Sound.

A high of of 13 feet at the Vashon Island Ferry Terminal and 3.7 feet in Elliot Bay are also predicted by the study.

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