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Primary Earthquake Hazards in Washington.

Nearly every day there are earthquakes in Washington. Most are too little to be noticed or to cause damage. Even though they are less often, large earthquakes can seriously damage the infrastructure we depend on a daily basis, including our homes, offices, bridges, utilities, and buildings.

Due to its geographic location, Washington has the second-highest risk of these significant and destructive earthquakes in the United States. 

The ground is moved and shaken by earthquakes, sometimes for several minutes, causing damage. Buildings and other infrastructure may be harmed or destroyed by the shaking. Ground shaking is the primary cause of earthquake-related damage and fatalities. Landslides, surface ruptures, ground fissures, liquefaction, tsunamis, and seiches can also result from the shaking (standing waves). Because of the interaction of all these processes, earthquakes are a potent geologic hazard.

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