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Obama Remembers the Anniversary of the Major Japanese Earthquake and Nuclear Disaster

President Obama commemorated the one-year anniversary of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan and caused the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant to experience a nuclear meltdown.

In a statement released on Friday, Obama lauded the "amazing endurance" of the Japanese people as well as American efforts to aid in their recovery.

US," Obama stated. Experts still support Japan's ongoing attempts to address the issues brought on by Fukushima.

Obama appointed a task committee to assess safety at the 104 nuclear reactors in the US in the wake of the Fukushima accident. The task force made a number of safety reform recommendations last year, which the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is attempting to put into practice.

Sunday marks the earthquake and tsunami's first anniversary.

Here is Obama's complete comment:

Michelle and I join all Americans in remembering the 19,000 people who perished or went missing as we commemorate one year since the devastating earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear tragedies in Japan. The Japanese people, who endured unspeakable tragedy with great resilience, continue to serve as an inspiration to us. We can all learn from their tenacity and will to rebuild better than before.

The United States reacted as soon as the crisis struck to aid our allies in Japan. In support of humanitarian aid and disaster relief operations, the Department of Defense had 24,000 people, 190 aircraft, and 24 Navy ships at its height during Action Tomodachi, our single largest bilateral military operation with Japan ever. We are still committed to helping the Japanese people rebuild after a year. The American people's generosity in difficult economic times has benefited this endeavor, which is being spearheaded by the Japanese government.

The current generation is being invested in by the Tomodachi public-private partnership in order to deepen cultural and economic relations, while U.S. professionals continue to support Japan's continued attempts to deal with the issues related to Fukushima. We are appreciative of the contributions made by both civilian and military Americans who worked alongside people from other countries to aid Japan's recovery.

Nobody can ever forget the heartbreaking stories of those who lost their homes, possessions, and most importantly, loved ones due to the earthquake and tsunami. Japan has never wavered from its firm commitment to aiding other nations throughout the world, even as it attempts to restore its destroyed northeastern area. In light of this, on this day when we remember the suffering endured by the Japanese people a year ago, let us also celebrate the country's ongoing recovery and honor Japan's unwavering commitment to improving people's lives around the world. The people of Japan will continue to support our two nations' friendship and partnership in the future.

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