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5 Top Reasons To Get Your Home Retrofitted.

It's critical to have your home assessed for an essential seismic retrofit if you own a home.

Structures, like most things in life, deteriorate over time. Climate change, soil conditions, and outmoded building designs may all have an impact on the building's foundation. Many structures in Seattle, Washington still lack the requisite earthquake precautions to withstand the shaking of a severe earthquake. The procedure of adding greater resistance to the current structure's base in order to improve weak connections is known as earthquake retrofits — usually known as seismic retrofits.

Here are five reasons why you should retrofit your home today:

1. Retrofitting your home can provide extra safety and security for you and your family in the event of an earthquake.
2. Retrofitting can also increase the value of your property, which is a major plus.
3. It’s been shown that retrofitted homes suffer less damage during an earthquake, so you could save money on repairs in the long run.
4. Going green is always a good idea, and retrofitting your home will make it more energy-efficient.
5. Most importantly,  you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the earthquake retrofitting will make your home safer.

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