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Following the terrible earthquake in Nepal, 2 Seattle teenagers are missing.

SEATTLE — More than 4,600 people have died as a result of the earthquake in Nepal, and many more are still missing, including two teenagers from Seattle.

The families of Bailey Meola and Sydney Schumacher, both 19 years old, are hopeful that they will be found.

The Langtang trail had been traversed by the two females. They learned on Tuesday that the girls were not in the village of Kyanjin Gumba, where there are known survivors.

The teenagers were traveling across the globe with a stop in Nepal after just graduating from Garfield High School.

Following the earthquake in Nepal, two Seattle teenagers are listed as missing.

The two were allegedly seen by an anthropologist on April 24, only one day before a 7.8 earthquake struck Nepal and subsequent aftershocks leveled adjacent villages, according to the family.

Sydney's mother, Diane Schumacher, stated, "I believe you caught me at a low point, but it's so hard to wait and be so helpless."

According to the family, one of the destroyed villages is Langtang, which is close to the girls' last known camps.

The family had thought the girls took cover in Kyanjin Gumba, where there are known survivors, but Schumacher has just learned that her daughter isn't there.

Gumba remarked, "It made me go to the dark area where I fear we may never locate them.

Sydney Schumacher's older brother is Paul. He went on the same trekking expedition three years prior, so he is aware of the challenges the females encounter.

In essence, you're climbing a valley between two peaks that are 4,000 feet higher than you, according to Paul Schumacher.

He has been searching the Internet for news about the earthquake and for methods to be of assistance.

Paul Schumacher stated, "I'm simply trying to go there and I want to acquire a chopper and go fly the spots I think she could be and look.

Two families are in a desperate situation as they hope for the best but fear the worse.

Diana Schumacher stated, "We don't think our daughters are more valuable than any of the other people who are trying to get saved, but they are our kids, and we need them back."

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