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Can I retrofit my home without a permit?

The simple answer is, NO. Almost all of Western Washington's communities have followed Seattle's lead. Seattle was part of the pilot Project Impact program, which created retrofitting standards and improved the permitting process making it easier and less expensive to secure a building permit for this work. All this was done so that homeowners would have the work done under a permit, to ensure that building inspectors would inspect the work, to ensure that the proper elements are installed properly. The advantages to you are numerous: disclosure implications and increased resale value should you sell your home, assurance that the work is done safely and properly, and eliminating the risk of being fined or having your job shut down.

If you're hiring an retrofit contractor to do some work in your home, make sure they're licensed and following building code requirements. Doing so will ensure that the work is properly done, that your home is safe, and that you won't be on the hook for any problems later on.

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